retirement_couple          SeniorCare Offers a Variety

                                           of Services to Families-  

           elderly family

Care Management:  Care Managers meet with clients to assess needs and craft solutions; Care Managers also make recommendations that ensure that elderly and disabled individuals have ample opportunity to thrive in a stimulating, comfortable, and safe environment.


Guardianship:   Guardians are appointed by the Probate Court to make decisions regarding the safety, health, and well-being of an individual who, because of physical or mental conditions, is not able to make safe decisions for himself or herself. SeniorCare serves as a guardian and a voice for clients by anticipating and assisting with their needs; addressing their personal affairs; and  procuring sound medical care.  SeniorCare aims to promote the safety, health, independence, and sense of well-being of each of their clients.


Functional Assessments and Care Plans:  A Functional Assessment is a multi-dimensional, detailed evaluation of a person’s ability to perform various tasks associated with independent daily living.  Cognition and behavior, family and social support systems, Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as bathing and dressing, as well as Instrumental ADLs such as cooking, housekeeping, and shopping, are evaluated at a client’s scheduled visit.  Functional Assessments include a formal written report with recommendations, if requested.


Health Care Advocacy:  Care Managers accompany clients to doctor appointments, take written notes during appointments, arrange for follow-up appointments and lab work, and assist the client with medication management.


Long Distance Care Services: SeniorCare addresses the needs of elderly clients and family living out-of-town by visiting clients on a regular basis and communicating important information to their family, as well as notifying the appropriate individuals if a client has a change of condition or a concern.


Home Safety Assessment: SeniorCare offers a home-safety assessment, performed by a licensed Home Contractor,  with an eye towards identifying potential environmental and/or safety concerns.  This service benefits elderly homeowners who want to be safe at home and maintain their property but don’t want to be a target for fraudulent salespeople.  Safety recommendations and approximate costs for services are included with this assessment.


Other SeniorCare Services include:

  • SeniorCare supports families in the community who are caring for their loved ones by assessing client needs and identifying appropriate resources in the the community to meet those needs. 
  • SeniorCare secures and monitors services for clients whose families are not able to meet that need.  
  • SeniorCare actively assists attorneys and other professionals with functional and needs assessments.
  • SeniorCare serves as an advocate for individuals who live in their home as well as  individuals who live in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing in the Colorado Spring community .


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